Will and Trust Attorney

Will and Trust Attorney

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A Will directs the disposition of your assets upon death. As difficult as it is to deal with the prospect of one’s own demise, it is imperative that we address the long-term care, tax, estate planning, and asset protection planning issues reflected in a well-crafted Will.

Our experience and skill in the fields of Trusts, Wills, and Estates enables our firm to uniquely tailor a last will and testament to your individual needs. We will work closely with you to determine how best to direct the disposition of your assets after death, whether by testamentary disposition (via a Will), or by means of testamentary substitutes (trusts, joint-asset ownership with right of survivorship, or by beneficiary designation in life insurance policies, annuities, or individual retirement accounts).

A Will should ideally also manifest the testator’s (i.e., the one directing the disposition of his assets upon death) moral and ethical values, and principles, and his/her hopes, dreams, objectives, and instructions for surviving family and friends. Toward that end, we help you incorporate ethical will provisions in your will that will help make it a more personal, and comprehensive statement of your legacy in all respects, financial and spiritual, and that will stand for those you love as an indisputable record and guidepost for posterity.