Understanding and Setting Up Advanced Health Care Directives

Understanding and Setting Up Advanced Health Care Directives

Advanced Health Care Directives

There are two main advanced health care directives of great importance in health care decision making:

  • A health care proxy
  • A living will

A health care proxy enables you to designate an individual such as a family member to make health care decisions for you if you are unable to do so. A living will specifies your wishes concerning life-sustaining treatments in the event of an irreversible, life-threatening health condition with no prospect of recovery.

These directives can and should be tailored to the principal’s particular needs, concerns, wishes and desires.

We also register all advanced health care directives that we execute (with our clients’ consent) with the U.S. Health Care Registry, which enables access by health care providers across the United States and beyond who can immediately carry out  your wishes to the letter, in a comfortable, hassle-free environment.

Our firm has helped families prepare and execute advanced health care directives in both New York and New Jersey. Contact us so that we can do the same for you.

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