Assistance with all Guardianship Proceedings

Assistance with all Guardianship Proceedings

Guardianship Lawyers in White Plains, NY

Helping You Care For Loved Ones through Guardianship

If someone close to you is unable to manage their own personal or financial affairs, they may need to have a Court appoint a guardian in their behalf. Our firm can guide and assist you in all aspects of this process.

We will help you determine the most qualified person for the guardian role, and will walk you through all parts of the guardianship proceeding—from filing the necessary forms and documentation with the court, to aggressively advocating for your loved one’s best interests throughout.

Our office is prepared to help shepherd our clients through the entire legal process—from petition and hearing to appointment and commission—with great care and compassion.

We pledge to provide our clients with the legal and communal support systems to help best manage what can be a painful and difficult process.

Should you have a loved one that becomes incapacitated and you need to establish a guardianship, our firm has the experience and resolve to help you.

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